Welcome to the JS Workshop! This is a place for intermediate and advanced JavaScript developers to learn new skills, experiment with interesting technologies and have tons of fun.

This month Yawar Amin will show us how to build an application using Reason! Here’s the description:

Let’s build a simple, stateful ReasonReact app. We will explore how the Reason language lets us simply express concepts like ‘reducer’ and ‘router’ that otherwise would need their own libraries. And then we’ll see how BuckleScript compiles the code to efficient JavaScript.

Since ReasonML is a new language, you may want to set up editor support so that you get things like syntax highlighting, error reporting, and type hints. To do the setup, see the Reason website: reasonml.github.io (and post a comment if you run into any problems). If you are on Mac or Linux, I personally recommend the ‘Alternative Install Through OPAM’, since it works fairly well.


  • A laptop with a web dev environment, including an editor and a local server
  • Some proficiency in JavaScript
  • A cheerful and inquisitive attitude
  • An appetite (for knowledge and for pizza — thanks to New Relic for sponsoring us!)

The speakers codes on the projector, and everyone in the room copies that code into their own laptops. You’ll go home with an exciting new program, and if there’s time left over at the end you’ll do something cool with it and show a demo to everyone. Fun!


  • 6:30 – doors open, eat pizza
  • 7:00 – workshop code-along
  • 8:30 – extend the codebase
  • 9:00 – everyone goes home
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