How to lead into the unknown

New technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain are making disruption the new normal in the workplace. These technologies can reshape markets and upend workflows – and they’re not coming in the future, they’re being deployed now. 

Senior leaders face enormous challenges. How do you react when technology threatens to disrupt your business model? How do you lead a team when the only certainty is uncertainty?

MaRS created this intensive workshop to help senior managers and executives tap into their entrepreneurial spirit and learn how to adapt in the face of constant change. Based on deep research into what makes successful leaders in today’s workplace, it draws on the insights of MaRS’ extensive ecosystem of ventures, corporate partners and leading tech companies.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to be an effective leader when you don’t have all the answers.
  • Techniques to run collaborative “co-design” sessions that break your team out of their boxes and encourage agile thinking.
  • Discover the skills leaders will need as technology disrupts the workplace, and strategies for developing them.

What you’ll do:

  • Hear from leading experts on how technology will change your workplace.
  • Engage in exercises to learn new critical thinking techniques for tackling challenges.
  • Meet other senior leaders and brainstorm solutions to the issues you face.

Who should attend:

  • Senior managers and executives.
  • Also suitable for higher education professionals.

Lunch will be provided.


Dr. Victoria Abboud, Program Manager, Senior Leadership Training,, 647-283-6874

Danton Sück, Associate, MaRS Talent Development,, 647-255-1257 ext. 8257

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