Imagine you’re at a networking event and meet your ideal client, business partner or employer. Next morning, this person looks you up on Linkedin to find out more about you. Now ask yourself would they be impressed with what they see there, or disappointed? Would they have a clear idea of your skills, qualifications and experience and would they get an idea that they want to work with you? This one-hour workshop can provide some practical steps you can take now towards building a Linkedin profile that showcases your expertise and knowledge in your field.

You’ll learn: the importance of fulfilling the basic needs for your Linkedin profile; an effective title, summary; with recommendations and connections; selecting a portrait that does you credit  and shows your unique qualities; how Linkedin Posts can help you spread your ideas to your connections and further the importance of adding visual content to your profile, and how to do it; how to participate in Groups to learn, and build relationships; how Linkedin’s little-known “Companies” pages can help you connect with your ideal client or employer.

Carl Friesen: Carl has a background in journalism and an MBA in Marketing. Over the past 15 years he has used his skills over the past 15 years to help his business professional clients get their ideas published in media read by their clients, including social media such as LinkedIn. This presentation will be backed by plenty of examples that show the ideas, done in an interactive way so you can learn how to apply the ideas to your own career success.

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