One year ago, MaRS in partnership with Natural Resources Canada, named the six finalists in the Women in Cleantech Challenge

You’re invited to a panel discussion with these remarkable women who are developing technologies to tackle the world’s most daunting energy and environmental challenges. Each will give updates on their entrepreneurial journeys thus far — an adventure that will soon culminate in one finalist winning the challenge’s grand prize of $1 million.


Evelyn Allen

Evelyn Allen is CEO of Evercloak, a company using an energy-efficient manufacturing process to layer nanomaterials over large areas.


Nivatha Balendra

Nivatha Balendra is CEO of Dispersa, a startup that uses bacteria to sustainably clean oil spills.

Julie Angus

Julie Angus is CEO of Open Ocean Robotics, manufacturers of autonomous energy-harvesting boats.


Luna Yu

Luna Yu is CEO of Genecis, a startup that converts organic waste into biodegradable plastic.


Amanda Hall

Amanda Hall is CEO of Summit Nanotech, developers of energy storage solutions powered by green lithium extraction.


Alexandra Tavasoli

Alexandra Tavasoli is CEO of Solistra, a company that turns CO2 into liquid fuels.

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