The MaRS Partnerships Corporate Innovation Training series provides partner-organization employees interactive and experiential learning opportunities around concepts that foster a culture of innovation. Learn the basics and apply them when designing new business models and pitching them to executive leadership


Learn more about our upcoming Corporate Innovation Training series and register for each session individually using the orange “Select a Date” button on the right. Details about the topic and date for each session are below.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to Irene Lam at ilam@marsdd.com.


Oct. 16: Innovation Bootcamp

Align your innovation efforts to your business strategy.

The Innovation Bootcamp workshop provides participants the fundamentals of aligning business strategy and innovation by learning about best practices, tools and frameworks. Participants gain insights into the lean startup approach, innovation horizons, innovation models, and innovation lab methods with a focus on measuring success metrics.

Attendees: Director-level decision-makers
This session would be more useful if the team members are committed to implementing their innovation strategy rather than being told to innovate broadly.

Format: Full-day workshop

Nov. 20: Innovate Like a Startup

Learn how to move faster by adopting the desirable traits and tools of a startup.

The Innovate Like a Startup workshop enables participants to embrace the startup mindset in large organizations. Participants gain insights into startup go-to-market strategies and customer engagement, while also exploring the difference between ideas and execution. Through a series of interactive activities (inspired by the lean loop model), participants learn how to better understand customers and create relevant solutions. 

Attendees: Director-level decision-makers

Format: Half-day workshop

Dec. 11: Business Model

Learn how to design and build new business models, and develop a framework for validating those models.

The Business Model workshop fosters new ways of thinking to create sustainable business models. This includes both internal and external products and process improvements. Participants gain insights in how to measure and test the durability, viability and feasibility of innovative ideas.

Attendees: Strategists, Director-level decision-makers

Format: Half-day workshop

Feb. 19: Pitching Ideas and Gaining Buy-in

Learn to effectively communicate with stakeholders and gain buy-in for your ideas.

The Pitching Ideas and Gaining Buy-in workshop enables participants to better communicate with internal stakeholders to build support for new ideas. Participants practice pitching ideas and receive feedback from peers and facilitators.

Note: Participants should bring a laptop, and come prepared with a potential idea to pitch. Ideas will be developed from the ground up and storyboards will be incorporated to help tell the narrative — the first stage of any good pitch. Presentations will be three to five slides.

Attendees: Organizations fostering internal innovation, Director-level decision-makers, Middle management

Format: Full-day workshop

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