Come Geek Out & Keep your books on track!
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WHY WE AVOID IT! (Even though we know we should do it!)

  • Bookkeeping is boring and awful!
  • We get stuck when we bump into a problem
  • This is not a cash generating activity
  • There is no time for this!

Join me …

  • Get your bookkeeping done – FEEL PEACEFUL!
  • Do it with others – HAVE FUN!
  • Get your questions answered – GET UNSTUCK!
  • Discover efficient, easy systems – SAVE TIME!
    Geek Out Club Membership: $20/month or $95/6 months
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  • Monthly 90 min Working Sessions – virtual on zoom
  •  Two Monthly Time Slots to Choose From: Fri 10-11:30am / Sat 7-8:30am
  •  Agenda: Co-Working, Q & A, Efficiency Tips, Goal Setting
  •  Set winnable (and productive) goals, Have Accountability, Get Sh*t Done
  •  As needed, we may have guests visit to address common questions. (I have lots of nerdy friends!)
  •  All wrapped up in Laughter! Hilarity is essential when you do numbers! 🙂
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