Are you thinking of starting a business but are not sure how or where to start? 

It can certainly be an exciting prospect, but making your startup successful requires a lot of hard work and careful research.  To begin your business process, please join us for our information session where we walk you through the basic, business start-up considerations.

We discuss things like:

  • Legal entity structures (sole proprietorship vs. partnership vs. corporation), advantages and disadvantages;

  • Where to go to register and how much it costs;

  • Sources of financing;

  • Business Number (BN), HST and other tax related issues considerations;

  • Researching permits and licenses; and more.

This session runs several times a month and is limited to a small group to allow for questions and answers with the business consultant.

We look forward to seeing you!

Thank you for your interest in starting or growing your business.  We want to be able to give you and other businesses continuous support through the development and growth of your business.  In order to provide businesses with this support, we need to collect data about your business, progress and growth.


To be eligible to receive this free consultation / information session / workshop with our office, you must agree to complete a 5-10 minute follow-up phone call or electronic survey from our office, in 2-3 months time to discuss the status and growth of your business idea or existing business (i.e., whether the business started or not, whether the business' revenue/jobs/financing have grown or expanded, etc.).  Information is collected confidentially and will be used by the City of Markham and the Province of Ontario to provide statistical information on entrepreneurs in order to study small business trends in Ontario.

Of course, if you need some additional help or advice before that follow-up, you are always welcome to contact us directly!

If you have a simple, one-off question, please email or call our office, and we'd be happy to help you find what you're looking for!

Note: Follow-up contact is limited to your business progress and what you discuss with our consultant.  We will not add your contact to any distribution or e-mail list, unless you specifically request to be added.

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