Whether you're a Programmer, Data Scientist, Systems Administrator, or a Client Support Specialist it is no secret that jobs in Tech are in demand and highly sought after. Your role is mission critical for any organization, however, Tech professionals do not always get the appreciation they deserve from their non-tech counterparts.

Its time for this to change. Dale Carnegie Training is here to give you the edge that your career needs. Learn the skills needed to communicate ideas with authority, speak with confidence, and connect with ease.


“Networking for the Tech Professional” is a free workshop you’ll learn how to connect easily and authentically with other people. Having the ability to meet anybody and expand your personal and professional network is critical in todays world.

In this workshop, you'll learn …

  • The secrets behind increasing your networking
  • How to make a lasting impression on your colleagues
  • A structure in how to connect anytime, anywhere, with anyone.
  • Hacks on getting you to towards a confident state right away.

This workshop is hosted by XapCard (https://xapcard.com). Prior to the meeting please download the Xap App and set up your virtual business card. It will be apart of one of the activities. You can download it using xap.to/go. This will take you to iTunes and Android users will be redirected to our website.

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