We're going to strategically focus on your business. Why? Because we get you!

What we know for sure:
1. Your time is important: There are so many ways to invest your time. When you do your audit after an event, you should be able to say that it enhanced your business, it should never be a time suck.

2. Your money is important: Whether it is 20 bucks or 2000 bucks, there has to be a return on your investment. In fact, often it's a bunch of smaller chargers that add up to a whole lot of nothing. You need to see a financial return.

3. Your brand is important: Will the other women in the group enhance your brand and core network? You need to be surrounded by like-minded professionals, where, as a collective, you all benefit.

4. Your business education is important: What credentials and qualifications does the facilitator bring to the table? Can they provide resources to support you and your business? You need to be growing otherwise your business is stagnating, or even worse, dying.

At BusiWomen we have successfully held over 300 networking events bringing women entrepreneurs together for education, resource sharing, information and growth. Our time together is divided between networking and business development and each meeting is lead by Karen Baring. Karen brings ten years of mentoring, coaching and facilitating strategic business mastermind programs for women.

Our job is to arm you with opportunity, your job is to shine!

Bring a stash of business cards and a notepad. Full registration at karenbaring.com is required.

We look forward to learning more about you and helping you grow your business.
Karen and the BusiWomen Community

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