“Off-Mute with Mel” aims to deconstruct, demystify, and dig into myriad misfit topics in the startup world, i.e topics that are complex, misunderstood, or–dare we say–“boring”.

What To Expect

This 30 to 40-minute interview will be broadcasted on YouTube and is essentially a virtual armchair chat with experts that are either entrepreneurs themselves and/or work with and serve entrepreneurs.

Off-Mute with Mel will feature casual yet structured conversations that will allow viewers to sit back and relax as they learn a little bit more about something and someone that we find pretty interesting.

Our topic for February is: Women in Inventorship.


LENGTH: 30-40 minutes

About The Expert

Dr. Cecilia Basic is a woman in STEM, having completed a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry and spending her early career as a researcher. 15 years ago, she transitioned to intellectual property (IP) management, and has practiced in both Canada and the US, in university and government settings.

As an IP professional, Cecilia now works behind the research and development scenes, helping to guide cutting edge innovations into the market place through the establishment and negotiation of intellectual property rights. She is currently an Intellectual Property Advisor with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

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