Certified Chief Information Security Officer Workshop

Training includes:

  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages each day
  • Highly skilled trainer
  • CCISO eBook
  • Exam voucher valid for one year and proctoring service

This four-day in-person workshop will prepare you for the C|CISO exam through hands-on learning and deep dives into scenarios taken from the experience of the CISOs who contributed to building the C|CISO course and exam.


Chuck McGann

What is C|CISO

The Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO) training recognizes the combined technical and business experience required for executive-level information security professionals.

This program brings together all the components required for a C-level position. It combines audit management, governance, IS controls, human capital management, strategic program development, and the financial expertise vital to leading a successful information security program.

Who should attend?

The C|CISO program is for executives looking to hone their skills and better align their information security programs with business goals and objectives. This program also encourages existing CISOs to improve their technical and management skills as well as business procedures.

Material in the CCISO program assumes high-level understanding of technical topics and focusses on the application of technical knowledge to an information security executive’s day-to-day work. The CCISO aims to bridge the gap between executive management knowledge that CISOs need and the technical knowledge that many existing and aspiring CISOs already possess.

What will you learn?

In this course, you will learn in-depth content in each of the five CCISO domains:

  • Domain 1 covers the importance of governance, including policy writing, aligning the security program to industry-recognized frameworks, and adhering to law and regulations.
  • Domain 2 focuses on management controls, audit management, and risk management, taking you through detailed examples of how to run an audit, and how to implement audit findings, including choosing the correct management controls for each situation, and the importance of understanding asset value, risk tolerance, and risk treatment plans.
  • Domain 3 goes through the day to day work of a CISO – including project management and how to ensure that information security is part of projects from their inception.
  • Domain 4 stresses the importance of understanding technology and information security core concepts in order to lead teams of technicians and analysts and make decisions around technology issues. Technical issues are addressed from an executive point of view.
  • Domain 5 addresses leadership, aligning security programs to the overall goals of the business, strategic management, executive buy-in, financial management, and much more.

Taken together, these five domains of the C|CISO program provide the foundations to become an effective and knowledgeable executive information security practitioner.


Four-day in-person training with an experienced and highly qualified trainer,

Training includes exam voucher

The exam voucher is valid for one year and includes remote proctoring service to schedule the exam at your convenience. Attendees who do not meet the C|CISO eligibility requirements will be provided with EISM (see below) exam voucher. 

Experience requirement for sitting the C|CISO exam:

In order to sit for the CCISO exam, applicants that attend training must apply via the CCISO eligibility application. Only students with at least five years of experience in three of the five domains are permitted to sit for the C|CISO exam. Any student who does not qualify to sit for the exam or who does not fill out the application will be permitted to take the EC-Council Information Security Manager (EISM) exam and earn that certification. EISMs may then apply for the CCISO exam once they have achieved the required years of experience.

Candidates that successfully pass the exam will receive their C|CISO certificate and community privileges. Members are expected to adhere to recertification requirements through EC-Council’s continuing education requirements.

The CCISO workshop is presented in partnership with EC-Council.

EC-Council is one of the world’s largest cybersecurity and business technology certification bodies. Selected for their strong reputation in security, EC-Council has trained the Pentagon on cybersecurity and work with governments, industry and educational institutions globally on their cybersecurity initiatives.

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