Social Media for Small Business

Learn the ropes of building an engaging and profitable social media presence for your business, from choosing the right social media platforms, to best practices for engagement, to growing your social media community using both organic and paid strategies.

Career Recharge: Introducing Yourself – Monthly InStage Session

This month’s Career Recharge session delivered in partnership with InStage and sponsored by Seneca Alumni will focus on delivering a successful professional introduction.

In this interactive session, you will have the opportunity to:

  • observe real people introduce themselves in a virtual reality environment
  • hear feedback and tips from industry experts on how to deliver an effective professional introduction
  • have your questions answered in a live Q&A
  • engage with other participants in an optional networking opportunity to practice your own professional introduction

Join us and learn how to make a great first impression when introducing yourself to potential employers or networking with professional contacts.

Career Recharge: Networking Fundamentals

Learn how to harness one of the most valuable assets in your professional toolkit – your network.

In this session, we will:

  • explain the process of networking effectively and authentically
  • explore how to identify networking opportunities in your career
  • share helpful tips on how to grow, strengthen and activate your network in person and online

Led by facilitator Cindy Zarnett, a Certified Human Resources Leader and the founder of squaredots, join us as we discuss the fundamentals of networking.

Web Presence 101 – Ensuring Your Foundation is Set

Your customers are on the web. Having a strategy for your online presence allows you to market your small business online so customers can easily find you. Learn how to build the foundation for your business’s web presence.

T1 General Small Business Tax Literacy Seminar

Presented by the Canada Revenue Agency’s Liaison Officer Service Program. The presentation is geared toward small unincorporated businesses, this seminar will help participants understand their tax obligations and provide them with the resources needed to navigate the tax system.