Black Innovation Launchpad

Launchpad is a free virtual skills development platform and year-round program geared at building the next generation of successful Black entrepreneurs.

Open to learners of all ages from around the world, Launchpad aims to help aspiring Black founders develop the personal and professional skills needed to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey.

Whether you’re looking to start your own company, brush up on your entrepreneurship knowledge or simply enhance your resume with a new certification, Launchpad is a great place to start.

Program details

Launchpad is a completely virtual program that can be completed at your own pace.

Program participants will receive free access to the Launchpad platform where they will have access to three courses. Course content is organized into individual chapters with learning resources and video workshops. As learners move through a course, they are prompted to take short quizzes and surveys along the way to ensure they understand key takeaways from each lesson. To successfully complete the program and receive a Launchpad certificate, participants must obtain at least 80% on a final assessment.

Women Founders Launchpad

A community platform supporting the next generation of women in tech

The Women Founders Launchpad is a DMZ platform created by women tech founders and designed to exclusively support women-identifying entrepreneurs in Canada and around the world.

Launchpad is both a skills development platform and a powerful network of women founders and aspiring entrepreneurs in the tech field.

The platform hosts curated learning content and monthly events that cater specifically to women entrepreneurs’ unique needs and experiences. Course materials and workshops are self-paced and give founders the practical skills and strategies needed to succeed in entrepreneurship.

Sessions are tactical, authentic, and provide valuable insight on topics such as product development, securing your first customers, building an online presence, raising capital through, seeking alternative sources of funding, mental health, self-care, and more.

Career Recharge: Building Resiliency

Resiliency is the ability to overcome and adapt when one is faced with challenges. This workshop is designed to help participants build their resilience to better manage the stressors that they face in their personal and professional lives.

In this free Career Recharge virtual session, we will:

  • explore what resiliency is
  • help identify your personal stressors
  • provide tools to help build your resilience and develop a personal action plan

Led by Sean Hale, Psychotherapist & Organization Development Professional, join us and learn how to respond to challenges effectively and with optimism. This is the fourth and final workshop in the Personal Growth for the Workplace series by Career Recharge.

Career Recharge: Personality – You and the Workplace

Gaining insight into different personality traits and behaviours can help us better understand ourselves and how we relate to others. This knowledge can be leveraged to help reduce conflict in the workplace and thrive in different professional settings.

In this free Career Recharge virtual session, we will:

  • compare personality types and identify their unique characteristics
  • examine the impact of personality on workplace relationships and how to improve communication with personality awareness tools
  • explore how your newly ained knowledge can lead to career success and satisfaction

Led by facilitator Susan Thomas, join us to gain greater self-awareness and understand others better to improve interpersonal relationships. Whether you are an independent thinker, a relationship builder, a freedom seeker, or a responsible list maker, this workshop will allow you to find your brightest colour and help you to let it shine. This is the third workshop in the Personal Growth for the Workplace series by Career Recharge.

Career Recharge: Critical Thinking and Decision Making

How can we analyze and evaluate information using a critical lens?

In this free Career Recharge virtual session, we will:

  • explore the roots of critical thinking
  • share strategies you can implement to help you approach and effectively solve problems in your personal and professional life
  • provide an opportunity to put critical thinking into practice by using a simple decision-making model

Led by leadership coaches Patricia Campbell Hatton and Gus Tzatzanis, join us as we explore how to improve your critical thinking skills and learn how to make good and contemplative decisions. This is the second workshop in the Personal Growth for the Workplace series by Career Recharge.

ELLA Ascend

You’ve started a business solving an inherent need in the marketplace, have nurtured a growing customer-base and are working on your business full-time. Now it’s time to grow. Read on to find out how ELLA Ascend can support you through the next steps.

Take your business to the next level

Gain access to the one-on-one help, a community of peers and supporters, tailored resources and comprehensive knowledge you need to scale your business.

ELLA Ascend is a 5-month accelerator program designed for women entrepreneurs to scale their business at a fast-tracked pace.

You are solving an inherent need in the marketplace and have proven traction. Now, gain the edge you need to take big strides forward.

Applications open for the 2022 program.