This is part of the series of meetings to focus on hands-on help for DIY robotics/IoT/home automation projects.

If you'll like to present a project along these lines let me know the title and description and I'll add it here. If you have a project in mind or on-going that you need help with bring it to this event.

To gather members that could help send the problem description in advance and I'll list it here. Some topics ideas, send me your preferred topics (if they are not listed here):

  • educational or just for fun robotics projects
  • robotics projects for home automation
  • personal assistants robots
  • robots to automatically feed and entertain pets
  • lighting/door lock automation
  • energy monitoring and HVAC control
  • motion tracking and security cameras
  • home theatre automation
  • security monitoring robots
  • mobility robots (e-kart, powered wheelchair etc)

This type of event will be organized at makerspaces around GTA.

Let me know if you have a makerspace in your area where we can organize a robotics clinic event. If you have friends/colleagues that could benefit from these events, please let them know and bring them along.

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