LinkedIn is one of — if not the — most effective social networks for selling.

While social media has valuable tools to learn more about your prospect’s interests and personality, you need to warm them up before you reach out. LinkedIn is typically the only platform that directly leads to new business

About the Presenter:
Shelly Patrick is the CEO and Founder of ThinkFlame, a marketing and branding agency that helps businesses increase awareness and lead generation through online media.

Shelly has taken 20 years of business and marketing experience and turned her attention to helping small and medium businesses increase their success and revenue through storytelling web design to build, expand and monitor their web presence, lead generation and social media awareness.

After a decade of working for fortune 500 companies, Deloitte and KPMG, she launched her own agency in 2011 and has now become the go-to authority for many of her business peers to help them work through their online confusion and create business growth.

Through mentorship, Shelly discovered her passion for speaking and teaching others. She speaks regularly in the Durham community and ThinkFlame hosts webinars where Shelly and her team share their knowledge on the vast and ever growing world of online marketing.





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