Sci Talent Day is a branded event of Sci Innovation Centre for networking & learning. The centre invites professionals and opinion leaders of industries to share and discuss the most concerned issues by startups.

In this summer, the centre is introducing a series of learning opportunities focusing on exploring Chinese market and financing. Join us to learn about new opportunities for your business and network with peoples alike!

Series 1. June Sci Talent Day

The Gateway to China – Canadian SMEs China Business Guide
1. How can Canadian companies set up companies in China?
2. Common disputes and legal considerations in international trade and working with international agency
3. Intellectual property, trademark and copyright protection for transnational business

China has become the world's second largest economy, the largest trader of goods, and the largest foreign exchange reserve country. Its contribution rate to world economic growth has exceeded 30% for many years. It has the largest middle-income group in the world, and the GDP value is about to exceed 10,000 US dollars. China has become a market that no one can ignore or want to lose.


Guantao Law Firm (Toronto)

Series 2. July Sci Talent Day


Interpretation of Chinese investors
1. How can SMEs in Canada negotiate investment term sheet with Chinese investors?
2. How do Chinese investors conduct due diligence when investing in overseas companies?

According to the Midas List in 2019 from Forbes magazine, Mr. Shen Nanpeng of Sequoia China once again won the top spot, defending the title of the world's first venture capitalist. 

In 2018, only two investors in China entered the top ten. One year later, the number rose to four. In addition to Shen Nanpeng, there are three investors in China entering the top ten, namely Qiming Venture Capital Gan Jianping (No. 5), Today Capital Xu Xin (No. 6), and Jiyuan Capital Tong Shihao (No. 7).

Chinese investors are playing a more and more important part in world's venture capital.


Miller Thomson Law Firm

Series 3. August Sci Talent Day


SME Loan Strategy –  Service manual of BDC (the Canadian Business Development Bank)

Funding is SMEs most concerned problem. Because of their small cash flow and small scale of operations, it is difficult to provide mortgages and pledges required by banks.

In Canada, there is a state-owned bank, BDC, which specializes in providing financial, investment, and problem-solving services for the entrepreneurship and development of small and medium-sized businesses in Canada. There are currently more than 110 branches across Canada and have helped more than 42,000 small and medium-sized businesses in Canada. However, many SMEs know very little about BDC and are not familiar with the bank and the related services it provides.

To this end, we have invited BDC to share one of their important task – to help entrepreneurs succeed and thrive, and to help more companies to develop towards their next phase.


BDC  (the Canadian Business Development Bank)

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