Red-carpet-meets champagne-infused panel discussions on disruption ranging from cannabis to blockchain to smart cities to veganism.

#TIFFDisruptorsLounge 70+ Speakers. 1,000+ Disruptors. One Weekend.

The Entrepreneurship SocietyThe Blockchain Society and The Cannabis Society are proud to launch the TIFF Disruptor's Lounge – attended by Toronto's most influential disruptors (invite only).

**To nominate a speaker or submit a sponsorship/partnership inquiry, please email*

We are partnered with BUNZ, to buy tickets with BTZ please transfer the final total in Universe x 100 to the address (QR Code) below.

E.g. If final total is $63.78, then (63.78 x 100 = 6378) transfer 6378 BTZ.

Then please email with your name, the time you transferred the BTZ, and for what event. Thank you.


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