Toronto CryptoCurrency Conference May Edition
With a Keynote from Genia Mikhalchenko of The Blockchain Research Institue, we are going deep on the Blockchain!

Why is everyone scrambling to build on the Blockchain? Is it hype or reality? How do I take advantage of this new technology?

Scott Howard CEO of ePIC Blockchain Technologies will also be presenting and joing the panel

What are the emerging Blockchain technology trends you need to know about!

The market cap of all cryptocurrencies is growing exponentially. What is the past, present, and future of digital currencies?

Everyone is talking and investing in Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. What is your Cryptocurrency strategy? As Cryptocurrencies become more and more of an investment vehicle, knowing how to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies is crucial. Once you know how to buy and sell it’s time to learn about what different cryptocurrencies are out there, their difference and which is the right investment for you?


Toronto Cryptocurrency Conference

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