If you are an entrepreneur, remote worker, freelancer or consultant who works from home – this day is for you!

Sometimes it’s hard to focus at home. There are so many distractions and you may find yourself working on 5 (or more) tasks at the same time and never really get anything done. Not to mention snacking on leftover holiday treats. And let's face it, it can be really lonely.

That's why we put this day together for you. It’s a day of checking off something you've been working on, taking wellness breaks, eating healthy, getting a lot of work done and meeting new people. Includes healthy lunch and snacks, guided work sprints, productivity hacks, accountability and a free extra coworking day for 2020. Only 8 spots available.

So don’t get overwhelmed by everything you want to do this year – join us and get going on 2020! You just may get more work done in one day than you usually get done in a week!

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