Do you remember when hand-written letters or typed letters was the main means of communication? If so, you may also remember how glorious it was to send information and have immediately received via the fax machine.

Nearly as irritating as letters was the process of having to leave messages via a secretary. Voice mail was the wonderful enhancement to communication because you bypassed the go-between.

With these methods of communication in mind, change your paradigm and celebrate email. It is fast, efficient, and effective. At least it should be effective. If it is not meeting your needs, sign up for this webinar and make Microsoft Outlook go to work for you, easing the pain of email, making life easier for you, and helping you have greater output.

Most workers are judged by their productivity output and this can be slowed if you are not savvy about processing the numerous emails in your Inbox.

This webinar gives you technical tips and helps you:

  • Create an email infrastructure
  • Eliminate spam and junk mail
  • Gain control over your Inbox
  • Preserve personal integrity by responding to email in a timely manner
  • Be empowered to keep up with emails marked Urgent or Take Action
  • Work from a clean Inbox on a regular basis

Once you gain control of the Inbox, learn how to process email in a timely manner and respond intelligently to requests, the perception of you as a true professional in the organization will increase.

Why you should Attend:

Can you imagine a clean Inbox even though it feels like an avalanche of email is dumping into your Inbox, stifling and suffocating to your daily workflow? You can survive the daily onslaught of email if you learn the right techniques to stop email from entering your Inbox and implement correct procedures for processing the emails that you permit to enter.


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