In last month's WordPress Mobile Mandate presentation, we learned that in North America browsing the web is done on a mobile device a little more than 50% of the time. But we also learned that WordPress websites are well positioned to respond to the new Mobile Mandate through the use of PageBuilders and PWA-Progressive Web App plugins.

This presentation will be a follow up to that presentation and will look at practical demos on using popular PageBuilders to create mobile ready apps and primed for PWA usage.

So our first demo will look at how the rapid improvements this year in the major PageBuilders [Beaver Builder, Divi, Elementor, etc],in styling features translates to great mobile responsive layouts. The screenshot above shows how and why this is important because one of the requirements from all the PWA plugins is strong mobile layouts and UI performance.

After the initial loading onto a mobile device, PWA delivers very fast response time. But most of the plugins require HTTPS website services. So our second demo will show how to get HTTPS for your website if you don't have it.

The third demo will be “how to” among 4 PWA plugins. All of the plugins deliver one essential feature – creating a thumbnail icon or logo on the users mobile phone or device. But some PWA plugins go a step further and allow users to set what page appears when a user clicks on your logo. This is vital because for a salon for instance , you want the startup page to be a schedule of appointments or a form to book an appointment.

The last PWA goodie is also one of the more complex to implement – push notifications. Push notifications are like email messages that appear directly in the users browser. But Push notifications have proven to be 20-30% better than email bulletins in achieving positive responses to calls to actions. If we have time we will look at some of the many push notification options.

Finally, a series of Business Demo Special Meetup presentations will start in August and September [see ]. The presentations will offer online and onsite attendance for $10 fee. Onliners will receive copies of the presentation slides. On-site attendees, which will be limited to strictly to six, and will receive slides plus any featured code plus a discount of 20% for the first 5 hours of any one-on-one consulting work agreed to.

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