Hi all, we’re in a smaller room this time so we have to limit the attendees but I’ll be onsite early at the NY Civic Centre and if there’s extra space, I’ll update the meetup page. “Get free help worth hundreds of dollars from the best minds in the WordPress North community!” We tackle your WordPress issues by having all our guests pitch in while being guided by volunteer professional WordPress Developers. You will be sure to get answers to your questions in our meetings.

To gain priority for your question in the meeting, please explain your issue prior to the meeting on our Meet-up comments section below.

The closest TTC stop is North York Centre. There is ample parking just west of the North York Civic Centre on Beecroft Road.

Your participation ahead of the meetup will allow all guests and experts to consider fixes for you and respond in real-time. Your questions posed ahead of time in the comments section below WILL BE PRIORITIZED at the meetup. Please be clear, concise and include your site URL and any relevant links. It would also be great if you include any steps you’ve gone through to try to fix your problem.

We will then hear from the rest of the attendees on their fix requests and approach them in an order determined by our facilitators. If there’s any fixes that we can’t get to in time, we will endeavour to tackle them in the following meeting or online.

Bookmark https://wptoronto.com/ where you’ll find the notes from all our Meet-ups.

This meetup will be sponsored by WPUP.CO – Jeremy Choi of WPUP.CO has donated 1 month of the WPUP Professional plan, worth $97. We will have a draw and present 1 month of WordPress support to one lucky attendee!

See this link for details: http://wpup.co/pricing/

“Thanks, Alex and company for a great session. It was helpful to get some answers and see what other WPers are facing.” Tim H.

“Thanks for your help at the Meetup! This is the first one I’ve been to that is so genuinely focused on helping people solve the challenges they are having with their site. Everyone got a chance to share what they wanted fixed and Alex and other people helped solve the issues. It was good to see all the brainstorming and the solutions! I would highly recommend going to this Meetup.” Heather M.

“Great to see practically all members contributing to solve problems. Perhaps one day soon, this newbie will have something constructive to contribute as well.” Heinrich D.

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