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Attendees will practice methods from social science research to clearly define and measure subjective and qualitative experiences such as, “How much do people trust the product?”, “Is the product intuitive?”, “Are people satisfied with the product?”, “Does the product respect time? Privacy?” and more. We will show how to gather data through self-report measures (e.g., surveys and interviews), observation, and quantitative methods (e.g., analytics, metrics, and validated research instruments), how to convert qualitative data into quantitative data, and discuss how to review and interpret the data by looking for patterns, trends, and correlations. Exercises will involve pre-defined scenarios, and attendees are invited to bring scenarios and challenges from their own work for discussion during the Q&A.


Attendees will learn basic methods for operationally defining subjective experiences so that qualitative measures may be turned into quantitative data and analyzed statistically.


Discussion, Collaboration, Hands-on structured exercises (in groups of 4-6 people)

To Bring

Paper, Post-Its, pens, and pencils will be provided. If you have preferred sketching materials, please feel free to bring your own. Laptop or tablet is not necessary, but some people like to have them available for research, note-taking, and sketching.

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