Following up on last month’s Plugin Showcase meetup, this month our roundtable will focus on sharing the themes we use and love.

This includes theme frameworks, starter themes, builder themes, free themes, commercial themes, custom themes, and anything else theme related!

All we ask is that the themes you share be GPL compliant. 😉

If there’s something you’d like to share, please mention it in the comments below, preferably with a link.

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What is WPToronto East?

Are you in Toronto’s east end (or don’t mind a trip across the Don Valley?) Then come on over and say hi to your neighbours at WPToronto East!

We get together every month to talk about WordPress. We don’t do formal presentations. Instead, we focus on open discussions around a central topic.

Our monthly themes skew towards intermediate user, developer, and business topics: building sites, producing content, using plugins & themes, managing projects, writing code, and so on.

About The Organizers

Brent Kobayashi ( is the president of Kobayashi Online (, a creative agency that helps businesses large and small become online friendly.

Andy McIlwain ( wrangles content and community projects at GoDaddy (

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