Venture Out is all about connecting the LGBTQA+ community in tech to career opportunities, role models, and each other. Team #movethedial were so excited to attend the 2019 Conference and learn more about diversity, inclusion and allyship from the amazing speakers and break-out sessions.

Here are our top takeaways!

1. Diversity and Inclusion is not a linear path

The tone was set for the day as we learned about how the diversity and inclusion journey is one you will be on for the rest of your life. As humans, we like to know things but to be successful in empowering others, we must be comfortable embracing a state of unknown it as we learn how to create environments where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

2. Never stop reflecting on your own privilege

We all have certain privileges and challenges to overcome and we should always be conscious of them when navigating the world. It is important to reflect on the assumptions and preconceptions you bring to situations.

3. Creating a culture of inclusion and belonging starts with you

Two Opencare employees gave an inspiring talk about opening up diversity and inclusion conversations within their organizations. They cited the following as key parts of their success: Cultivating an environment where people can make mistakes, partnering with experts, and creating special diversity and inclusion projects for employees to take part in. Employees of every level have a role to create a workplace where everyone feels welcome.