On a daily basis, startups prove that small is mighty. Your team’s concentration of brainpower and ability to pivot is what makes mighty corporations shake. The flip side of having a small team is that you have to make tough decisions regarding which skills you will curate for your team. Here in Waterloo Region, most teams focus their skills in business, engineering and computer science, often leaving a gap in marketing and design.

To close this gap, the AC has partnered with the University of Waterloo – Stratford and CDMN to create a marketing and design agency within the AC and provide marketing and design services to startups at an affordable price.

Lead by experienced AC staff, we’ve brought in third and fourth year students to become the studio’s first designers. They’ve brought with them a background of marketing, UX & UI design, video editing and branding.

Collaborations with the Startup Studio take two forms:

  1. One day design sprints. Sprints are all about helping companies zero in on a problem and discovering a solution to that problem in one day. Through the sprint process, they develop strategic solutions ranging from digital product and web design to establishing the startup’s brand and corresponding marketing campaigns. Clients walks away with wireframes they can use to implement the solutions.
  2. Implementation. After going through the sprint process clients have the choice to implement the design with their own designer or to hire the Startup Studio to complete the project. From building websites, cutting together videos, creating print and digital marketing collateral – the studio has built a large portfolio of work.

After a successful pilot through the summer, we are happy to bring this service to our clients and to open it up to the local startup community as a whole. 

Visit the Startup Studio page to learn more or book your design sprint.