7D Surgical has received a $1.8 million investment from FedDev Ontario, to accelerate the commercialization of its machine vision surgical navigation technology, which can be used during spinal and cranial procedures.

7D Surgical Inc. has developed a Machine-Vision Image Guided Surgery (MvIGS) platform, what it calls the “7D Surgical System.” The system uses software algorithms and 3D imaging technology to give surgeons more accuracy in navigating the spine and brain, reducing operative times for patients. The system only uses light during the procedure, which eliminates exposure to harmful radiation for surgeons, hospital staff, and patients.

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“7D Surgical was developed in an academic setting with strong support from the federal government,” said Beau Standish, CEO of 7D Surgical. “With this significant FedDev Ontario support, our team can now enter the global stage and prove that southern Ontario is a market leader in medical device innovation.”

A statement from the government said this project will enable the company to launch new tools and features providing even more functionality to surgeons. In addition, 7D Surgical Inc. will allow the company to tap into new export markets, although those were not yet disclosed by the government.

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