Toronto-based ChickAdvisor, a product review community targeted to women, has launched a new plugin with the goal of helping brands reach their target customers.

The Dispatch plugin allows brands to use push notifications on desktop and offer real-time messaging to get in front of customers. As most modern web browsers enable push notifications in the same way as apps on phones, the hope is to replace traditional email campaigns that often get buried in inboxes.

“We wanted to help brands connect with consumers without being lost in their inbox. Most of us are subscribed to way too many newsletters, and as a result, email open-rates are dropping,” said Ali de Bold, co-founder of ChickAdvisor. “The last thing a consumer wants to read is a lengthy marketing email. We launched Dispatch so that brands could reach consumers directly, in fewer words and completely skip the inbox.”

The plugin allows brands to track the number of subscribers and unsubscribes, send messages to specific users or groups, and view the results of programs over-time.

“Canada’s top brands trust us to help launch new products and consumers discover these products through omnichannel (social, e-commerce, retail) marketing programs,” said Alex de Bold, co-founder of ChickAdvisor. “Part of that trust comes from evolving our platform to meet their needs. Dispatch helps brands engage consumers in a real-time economy and gives marketers access to two of the most powerful tools to engage consumers: Push notifications and chat.” ​ ​

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