Dye & Durham, a provider of cloud-based software and technology solutions for legal and business professionals, announced it has acquired two legal tech companies as part of its acquisition strategy. The company purchased the assets of Cyberbahn and Marque d’Or from Thomson Reuters Canada. Cyberbahn and Marque d’Or specializes in corporate search and registration, and litigation support services.

“With the addition of Cyberbahn and Marque d’Or, Dye & Durham will continue to maintain focus on innovation and best-in-class technology and customer service,” said Matt Proud, CEO of Dye & Durham.

Dye & Durham has also acquired Index Property Information (Index PI), a real estate search software company based in the United Kingdom. With the acquisition of Index PI, Dye & Durham plans to expand its legal solutions into the UK.

“Index PI is recognized as an industry leader across England and Wales,” said Proud, “Combining this strong product offering with Dye & Durham’s technology expertise and growing presence in the UK legal industry, we will be able to deliver a complete, best-in-class solution to our customers.”

The Toronto-based company said these acquisitions add to Dye & Durham’s broader acquisition strategy, while adding to its portfolio of legal tech services focused on Canadian and UK markets.

In a rare move for a Canadian tech company, Dye & Durham Corp. filed for a $125-million IPO last September, before deciding to postpone its attempt to go public after facing a tough market.

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