Startup Genome is looking for entrepreneurs to participate and add their insights for its 2019 survey.

The yearly report dives into tracking ecosystems and emerging industries, and past reports have included key learnings from one million companies residing in over 100 startup ecosystems. It looks to drive action in local government organizations to ensure that entrepreneurs who are not located in top startup cities get more support and access to more funding, talent, and other resources.

The 2018 report provided insights into key innovation ecosystems across Canada, including Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Waterloo, Montreal, Quebec City, and Vancouver. The report detailed which of these cities ranked highest for AI, ecommerce, cleantech, and more.

“We’ve entered the third wave of innovation — the global startup community is disrupting industries by combining technology with deep industry expertise,” JF Gauthier, CEO and co-founder of Startup Genome, said at the time. “This creates game-changing opportunity for smaller, less mature startup ecosystems that can now build out competitive advantage at a global level by focusing on their DNA and legacy strengths.”

Interested startups can take the 2019 survey here.

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