The February edition of RBC’s FutureMakers Talks series is all about making connections—specifically those made through APIs (application program interfaces), the world’s tech connector.

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Since their initial conception in the 1960s, APIs have exploded in use in recent years for their capacity to simplify, accelerate, and strengthen the development of software. But the ubiquity of APIs should not limit their investigation. In fact, FutureMakers is the perfect place to talk about the future of the infrastructure underpinning our everyday tech!

Taking place on February 27 at RBC’s WaterPark Place, the evening will be headlined by Anant Jhingran, CTO of API management platform Apigee, which was acquired by Google in 2016. Jhingran’s talk will be focused on “winning in API-based ecosystems.”

“APIs promise to unleash the creation of ecosystems. However, ecosystems development and growth require a lot of effort,” Jhingran said about his talk. “We will walk through examples of companies that are successful in this space, and the strategies they are employing. We will also walk through some simulations and show that time to market, focusing on the core strengths, and leveraging developers are key to any ecosystems winning strategy.”

The event will also feature talks from Bob Blainey, VP P&CB Architecture and Platform Engineering, and RBC Security Analyst Dr. Fatima Hussain, who will speak to the application of APIs from a financial and security perspective.

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Can’t wait until the 27th to learn about the future of APIs? Prep for the evening by reading some predictions for APIs in 2019 co-authored by Jhingran and Apigee Vice President of Product Strategy, Ed Anuff.

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