On September 6 and September 7, coders, designers, and engineers will have the opportunity to participate in the first GrowUp Cannabis Hackathon in Toronto and Niagara Falls.

The GrowUp Cannabis Hackathon will invite participants to explore ideas related to tracking, purchasing, reporting, strain identification, and verification. After a 24-hour hacking session, the winning teams will take a cannabis tour bus to Niagara Falls to present their ideas and the awards ceremony.

Participants will present to a panel of judges, which includes Jay Rosenzweig, managing director of Rosenzweig & Co; Alex Blumenstein, co-founder of Leaf Forward; Rachel Colic, vice-president of brand and strategy and PR at Pure Global Cannabis; and Corey Herscu, founder and CEO of RNMKR PR.

Organizers said the hackathon will create several opportunities for hackers and companies. For example, companies may offer challenges to the hackers to build something with a particular outcome, such as plugging in health issues into an app or getting recommendations on what strain of cannabis suits those needs.

Companies may also partners with other sponsors to have hackers build a new project, and they may recruit talent.

The GrowUp Cannabis Hackathon’s sponsors include Trellis, Leaf Forward, LyricFind and LyricMerch, Cannabis & Tech Today, Hacker Noon, and others.

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