This week, IBI Group announced the launch of the Smart City Sandbox in Toronto, in partnership with EllisDon, The Weather Network, Slate, and Ontario Power Generation.

Microsoft is acting as a technology partner. The Sandbox will designate space at IBI Group’s Toronto headquarters for startups, and will provide expertise in urban environments and construction, access to Azure for technology development and testing, and analytics based on citizen data. The space will also give companies the chance to demo new products and solutions in properties owned and managed by EllisDon, and access to real-world building systems and data for testing and validation.

“As a firm that has technology embedded in its DNA — having designed some of the first intelligent transportation systems in the world — and as designers of the built form, we see both a need and an opportunity to create new ways to enhance the operations and the experiences of cities,” said IBI Group CEO Scott Stewart. “We have great talent in our core business, but we also know having an open network of collaborators, with partners representing all aspects of the urban environment, is where the best solutions and ideas will come from. Armed with our unique domain knowledge around how cities operate, we are well-positioned to lead this exciting initiative.”

The Sandbox will accept its first cohort in September 2018.

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