Intuit Canada and Futurpreneur have announced a new partnership to support young entrepreneurs in the Canadian ecosystem.

Through the partnership, Intuit and Futurpreneur will provide young entrepreneurs with educational tools and resources to build a strong financial foundation. Some of the educational resources include finance basics for entrepreneurs, day-to-day management, and cash flow.

“For small businesses and the self-employed, it can feel as though the odds are stacked up against you,” said Intuit Canada president and Startup Canada board member Jeff Cates. “At Intuit, we want to be a champion for small businesses and the self-employed and turn the odds in their favour. By partnering with Futurpreneur, we’re able to work together on this shared mission by providing entrepreneurs with access to the tools and resources that will help them succeed.”

The partnership was announced this week at QuickBooks Connect Toronto, which saw over 1,000 entrepreneurs, small business owners, accountants and developers come together to connect. As a non-profit, Futurpreneur is dedicated to providing financing, mentorship, and support to young entrepreneurs.

See the resources here.

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