In our latest instalment of #BetaKit1on1, we turn to Marie Chevrier, who founded Toronto-based Sampler to change the way companies encourage people to try their products.

To date, Sampler has had major wins including being the only Canadian startup selected for Unilever’s Foundry50 in Cannes, and winning the DMZ and Innovation Birmingham’s Next Big Idea innovation competition.

In the video below, Chevrier speaks honestly about losing employees.

“The worst day for me as an entrepreneur was the first time someone quit.”

“The worst day for me as an entrepreneur was the first time someone quit,” says Chevrier. “It’s one thing to let someone go and certainly, that’s difficult. But to have someone abandon on a mission, where you really think you’re all aligned, that was probably the toughest day for me in my entire career, for sure.”

When asked about the importance of mentorship, Chevrier stresses the importance of both having a mentor and being a mentor. Chevrier believes entrepreneurs should always have someone who is at least one year ahead of them in their startup journey, and someone who’s one year behind.

“The reason is, having someone one year behind you makes you really feel good when they ask those questions that you’ve actually solved before,” says Chevrier. “And then one year ahead of you is definitely helpful.”

For people who aspire to be successful entrepreneurs in Canada and abroad, in the video below, Chevrier shares some simple, but powerful words of advice.

“I always say this and it’s super tacky, but I would just say: go for it,” says Chevrier. “To be honest, it sounds very silly but I tell myself everyday because I feel like I’m starting a new company everyday. There’s always a challenge that I come across, so yeah, just go for it.”

Watch the full video below:

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