NACO is looking for entrepreneurs to participate in a survey that will inform its 2017 Report on Early-Stage Support for Canadian Companies.

The goal is to look at interactions between all stakeholders in the funding continuum — including startups, incubators, accelerators, angel groups, and venture capitalists — and find out what areas need to be prioritized. The last report was released in 2015, and outlined what each group tended to focus on and whether their interests were aligned.

“These studies are important because they provide us with a better understanding of how Canadian early-stage support is organized to serve our startups,” said Yuri Navarro, CEO of NACO. “Input from entrepreneurs is especially important because it can better direct our efforts to remove obstacles that hinder the entrepreneurial journey.”

Entrepreneurs will be asked questions about the investment selection process and partners within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Our goal is to provide meaningful insight into our national startup ecosystem,” said Navarro.

NACO is collecting responses until August 18, and the report will be released by the end of the fall.

Entrepreneurs can fill out the survey here.

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