Toronto-based Highmark Interactive, a digital therapeutics company that uses video games to help people with concussions and other traumatic brain injuries, has announced new members of its professional advisory board.

The board members include Hayley Wickenheiser, who played for Canada’s national women’s hockey team for 23 years and is a five-time Olympic medalist; Mark McMorris, a professional snowboarder with an Olympic bronze medal; Bryce Salvador, a former NHL defenceman and captain of the New Jersey Devils; and Andy O’Brien, director of sport science and performance for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

“Major athletes are looking to the private sector for help in the fight against concussions,” said Wickenheiser, who will serve as the board’s co-chair. “It’s great to be a part of such a collaborative team of athletes, doctors and tech innovators who care deeply about supporting the research and treatment of traumatic brain injuries.”

Sanjeev Sharma, co-founder of Highmark Interactive, said the professional advisors will complement the company’s team and mission because of their understanding of concussions.

“We believe entrepreneurs will have an important role in tackling the concussion epidemic through the development of new technologies that will be instrumental to managing injured patients,” said Sharma. “Our professional advisors are the perfect complement to our diverse, world-class team. They have seen the impact of traumatic brain injuries firsthand. Their leadership and insight will be invaluable to our success.”

Highmark Interactive raised a $2 million seed round last month.

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