Every startup needs someone who can not only sell, but also handle the pitfalls of selling.

Speaking at TechToronto, Yishay Waxman, the co-founder of Platterz, an online platform to order catered food, spoke about selling as an art. As someone who has experience in selling a wide range of products such as voicemail, SMS, and mobile apps like Angry Birds and Candy Crush, Waxman told the audience that when it comes to selling, it’s less about the product itself and more about who is selling it and how they approach their selling strategy.

“Sell yourself, not the product. The number one lesson I can give anybody today in selling, in helping move your product, your company, is that it’s never about the product.” said Waxman.

Waxman went on to address some of the challenges that a company can experience when selling their product, such as losing a deal or not having a strong sales team. He emphasized that if someone loses a deal to sell their product, they shouldn’t take it personally, but instead focus on building strong relationships with a company’s networks and potential customers. Reflecting on his own experiences of losing a deal, Waxman said “I never took it personally. I always remained in contact with the network and people I did business with. Never burn your bridges.”

Watch the whole talk below:

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