Toronto-based leadership training company Raw Signal Group is offering an online course for bosses dealing with the new work and leadership challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Bosses are getting little to no support on how to effectively lead their team during a global pandemic.”
– Melissa Nightingale

The course, called Managing 2020, is an online, self-study program, offering videos that focus on a specific challenge of managing and leading under crisis. Some of these challenges include what to tell your team, how to deal with not being able to see far enough ahead, dealing with the stress effects on your team and yourself, rebuilding a plan for your business, re-engaging your team, and how to think through layoffs and firings.

“Companies are drowning their people in resources on how to effectively work from home. But bosses are getting little to no support on how to effectively lead their team during a global pandemic, in part because those resources hadn’t been built yet,” said Melissa Nightingale, co-founder of Raw Signal Group. “Managing 2020 covers the most important lessons we’ve learned about managing in crisis, as quickly as we could get them out into the world.”

The courses are not targeted only toward managers of tech startups, but are also for bosses that are facing a lot of the same issues, regardless of industry. The program has been created to suit parents and those who are working around a new and busy schedule.

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The Nightingales told BetaKit they were setting up open Zoom calls to talk to bosses who were trying to figure out managing and leading their teams in the midst of a pandemic. These calls picked up interest from across North America, so the co-founders decided to record videos to answer the most common questions they had heard.

Raw Signal Group’s course is offered for $99 per person and the organization stated that those who aren’t satisfied will receive a refund up to seven days after purchase.

“For every layoff you hear about right now, there are five other companies thinking about it. Running the numbers, making lists, trying to figure out whether their business plans can endure 2020,” said Johnathan Nightingale, co-founder of Raw Signal Group. “We want those leaders to know that they’re not alone. There are things they can do to make this impossible situation a little more manageable for their teams, and themselves.”

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