Rogers is accepting entries for its #UnifiedBiz social contest, which will give small business owners the opportunity to win a one-year Rogers Unison service and a one-on-one session with a small business expert.

The four winners of the contest will be able to sit down entrepreneurs like Shopify’s Harley Finkelstein, Futurpreneur Canada’s Devon Brooks, and Rogers small business enterprises senior vice president Craig Bentley, where they will be able to gain specialized advice. Winners also get one year of Rogers Unison as an add-on to their Rogers wireless plan for free. Rogers Unison is a unified-communication system that simplifies and combines the essential components of a traditional desk phone such as ring alerts and voicemail into one system.

To win, applicants must answer three short questions regarding the specific challenges they face as a small-business owner, which Rogers Unison benefits are of most interest to them and how Rogers Unison can help their small-business operate better.

Applications are due by September 20.

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