Eli Fathi is the CEO of MindBridge AI — a company that uses advanced solutions based on human-centric AI, machine learning, and big data to help identify and eliminate financial crimes.

“I was bitten by the bug of entrepreneurship. Because you care, you are going to work that much harder to make sure you are successful.”

Fathi is the winner of the 2016 Startup Canada Senior Entrepreneur Award. A serial entrepreneur who has established himself one of Canada’s most notable entrepreneurs, Fathi has built, scaled, and exited many great companies in the National Capital Region.

Fathi’s companies currently employ over 300 people and have generated over $500 million in revenues since their inception – including FluidReview, which was acquired by Surveymonkey. In today’s interview, we’ll learn the story behind a leading champion and enabler of Canada’s entrepreneurship community.


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