For the sixth year in a row, Startup Open House is returning to seven Canadian cities to invite tech enthusiasts inside the offices of hundreds of Canadian startups.

This year, the event is taking place in the Waterloo Region on September 15; in Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, and Quebec on September 20; and in Toronto and Vancouver on September 27. Startup Open House’s organizers said Montreal-based Busbud, Vancouver-based Careteam, and Ottawa-based Shopify are among companies participating in the open house.

“Startup Open House is one of the most important annual startup events in Canada, exposing companies nationwide to thousands of new people each year,” says Satish Kanwar, vice president of product at Shopify and an ambassador of Startup Open House in Toronto. “The broad awareness and in-person engagement that the event facilitates is critical to help homegrown companies find talent, partners, and customers all around them. By opening doors for anyone to learn about startups in Canada, this event is also simply a celebration of the diversity and richness of our ecosystem.”

Last year, Startup Open House had 500 participating startups and 10,000 across five Canadian cities.

Those interested in attending Startup Open House can register for free here.

Photo via Startup Open House.

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