Since 2011, Startupfest has been attracting over 2,000 founders, investors, and analysts to Montreal to learn from tech leaders and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

To continue strengthening its tight-knit spirit and unique festival vibe, Startupfest is expanding to Toronto to launch a new event: ResolveTO. Taking place between January 25-27, 2017, ResolveTO will bring together people from startups and enterprises to look at ideas like innovation, disruption, exponential growth, adaptive cultures, and emerging marketplaces in Canada’s ecosystem.

Every year, Startupfest, which is held in the summer in Montreal, attracts thousands of people from the startup community to get together and make real-life connections. Attendees can visit different tents with demo spaces, speak with mentors, and attend pitch competitions. This year, startups were able to walk up to judges to convince them why they deserve an investment of $200,000. Earlier this year, Startupfest also announced that it would create five Startup Premium Fests, which will focus on specific communities such as hackers and investors that attend Startupfest each year.

With ResolveTO, Startupfest wants to carry over its energetic and unconventional vibe to Toronto. ResolveTO will aim to connect more startups and aspiring entrepreneurs with successful companies and incumbents who can work together to build greater ideas and solutions. Startupfest believes that this type of event will encourage more partnerships, financings, customer development, co-creation, acquisitions, and the launch of new ideas.

Startupfest also announced the official 2017 date for its flagship event in Montreal, which will take place between July 12-15, 2017. Signups for two-for-one tickets are open now.

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