Toronto-based receipt management app, Sensibill, is launching community banking in the US through a partnership with New York City-based Quontic Bank will launch the company’s receipts capabilities in this sector.

“Quontic Bank is proud to be an early adopter of Sensibill’s Receipts product as we are focused on offering our customers the latest digital offerings and innovations. Period,” said Steven Schnall, chairman and CEO of Quontic Bank. “With Sensibill, Quontic Bank is executing toward our vision of a next generation banking experience.”

This service, which is designed to instantly catalogue purchases, categorize receipts by expenses, and enable customers to export this record for expense reporting or tax prep, will be available to Quontic Bank mobile banking customers by Q1 2018. This partnership is part of Quontic Bank’s goal to become digital-first.

Sensibill, which allows users to manage receipts through their mobile banking app, won ‘Best In Show’ at Finovate 2017, and raised a $17.3 million Series A in March.

“It is important to enable community banks to keep pace with innovation and equip their customers with the tools they need to manage their finances,” said Corey Gross, CEO and co-founder at Sensibill. “By integrating our digital receipt service, we’re proud to play a role in furthering Quontic Bank’s mission to help customers’ lead healthier financial lives.”

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