Tulip Retail has announced the launch of TurnKey Edition, which allows retail associates to use customer preferences, past interactions, and recent purchases to send personalized messages.

The goal is to create a long-term relationship with customers. TurnKey Edition allows employees to search and browse catalogues of product information, take notes, access products available in store, and coordinate and schedule customer follow-ups.

“Clienteling is about extending the relationship between store associate and customer beyond the four walls of the physical store that brings personalization and convenience to another level, all while repositioning the associate from somebody who offers some assistance in the store into a trusted fashion and style consultant,” said Ali Asaria, CEO of Tulip. “Our new simple-to-setup Turnkey Edition can be deployed in just days – not months – allowing all retailers, regardless of size, to provide a true VIP experience to their loyal customers.

The company recently deployed its solution with fine jewelry startup Mejuri, which announced a $5 million funding round last week and plans to expand to New York City.

“We’re thrilled that Mejuri has launched Tulip for their store associates for their first brick-and-mortar store,” Asaria said. “They are the latest online retailer to view the physical store as an important part of their strategy, and we’re confident that our clienteling features will help them bring together the best of online and in-store to the delight of their customers.”

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