Toronto-based Xanadu, which designs and integrates quantum silicon photonic chips into existing hardware to create full-stack quantum computing, has raised a $9 million seed round from Golden Ventures and Real Ventures.

The company says they are using the funding to build out its technology, which harnesses photons (particles of light) to perform complex computations. Xanadu is working on photonic quantum architecture that it says can solve problems in machine learning, chemistry, finance, sensing, and drug discovery.

“Xanadu’s approach is highly flexible and eminently suitable for performing tasks such as quantum simulation and quantum machine learning,” said Seth Lloyd, a professor at MIT and a pioneer of quantum computing. He’s joined as Xanadu’s chief scientific advisor. “This will allow the scaling up of quantum information processing to tens of thousands of quantum operations within the next few years.”

“We’ve been customer-driven and solutions-driven from day one,” said Christian Weedbrook, founder and CEO of Xanadu. “Our hardware and software are developed with direct input from forward-thinking businesses that understand the vast potential and benefits of embracing an inevitable quantum world, early on.”

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