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Throughout the spring of 2019, we hosted six interactive workshops across Canada that involved 121 participants with expertise in labour market trends. We tapped into their knowledge and creativity, asking them to forecast potential changes related to demand for occupations and skills over the next 10–15 years.  More specifically, participants explored trends impacting the labour market, analyzed potential scenarios and produced forecasts for a selection of in-demand jobs and their underlying skills. 

These workshops were part of Employment in 2030, our national research project exploring the future of employment in Canada. Our goal is to not only develop a forecast of in-demand skills, but to understand how these skills will be distributed across geographies, industries, and demographic groups. To this end, we asked workshop participants to provide ratings for select benchmark and regional occupations that could be used as a measure for identifying the associated skills. 

At the Brookfield Institute, we value the power of collaboration. From the start, we knew that a cross-country series of workshops were needed to capture an accurate depiction of Canada’s regional and economic diversity. We partnered with local conveners to host each workshop and tapped into their networks to recruit participants. We’re deeply grateful to our partners for their continued support: 

  • Canada West Foundation, Calgary 
  • Cold Climate Innovation at Yukon College, Whitehorse 
  • SFU Public Square, Vancouver 
  • Percolab, Montreal 
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Workforce Innovation Centre (NLWIC) at CNA, St. John’s