The Centre for Social Innovation is inviting social entrepreneurs to gain insight into new tools to support their cash flow needs at exclusive meet-ups with the DUCA Impact Lab.

Three events are available, a drop-in on June 7th at 192 Spadina, a drop-in on June 19th at 720 Bathurst, and a workshop at 192 Spadina on June 27th.

These drop-in sessions are for small- to medium-sized enterprises who are starting out (including small businesses, social enterprises and smaller non-profits) who often experience cash flow struggles. With small operating budgets, little working capital, and limited access to lines of credit from banks, they have fewer resources than their larger counterparts to manage these challenges. 

The DUCA Impact Lab has partnered with FundThrough to offer an innovative, low cost working capital financing opportunity designed specifically for underbanked entrepreneurs and social enterprises. This session offers a free cash flow consultation and an opportunity to find out more information about whether your enterprise could benefit.

Registration for these events can be completed online.