The City of Niagara Falls is offering a new discount program to help promote water conservation among homeowners and property managers. The city and Alert Labs are partnering to make it easier for City of Niagara Falls property owners to purchase the Flowie water flow sensor, an Internet of Things (IoT) device which learns water use patterns and sends alerts for unusual activity to help reduce wasted water by 18% to 23% on average.

Kitchener-based Alert Labs Inc. designs and manufactures easy-to-install smart building sensors that reduce utility costs and minimize property damage.

In addition to helping to reduce wasted water, Flowie also detects and sends instant alerts to your phone for water leaks, water usage, temperature, humidity, and water left running. All these issues can quickly lead to large, unplanned expenses for property owners.

“The city has been testing Flowie sensors at our Fire Stations and the Municipal Service Centre for 12 months,” said James Sticca, Manager of Environmental Services with the City of Niagara Falls. “The real-time reporting feature has helped us react faster to temperature changes and other incidents, which has saved the city time and money on repairs and damage.”

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a Flowie water flow sensor and yearly monitoring is $715. But, as part of the Flowie Discount Program, Niagara Falls residents can purchase Flowie for $199 with the first year of monitoring included or for $399 with lifetime monitoring.

Homeowners and property managers with a City of Niagara Falls address are encouraged to take advantage of the Flowie Discount Program by ordering online at

As part of the Flowie Discount Program, residents who record themselves installing the Flowie sensor and post the video to social media with the #FLOWIE hashtag will have a chance to win a free Floodie flood sensor, a multi-purpose water leak detector that sends alerts to your phone when in contact with water or temperature changes become outside the normal range. A random winner will be chosen once a month.

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