Data is a critical component to many of the solutions that have the ability to transform our lives and make the world a better place. It’s therefore no surprise that organizations that are leaders with data are three times more likely to be financially successful.

However, organizations face many obstacles in their data journey. Establishing the right culture, accessing the right data, and overcoming governance issues are some of the key challenges. Failure to address these can impact the organization through loss of productivity, failed projects, or reduced financial performance. Many organizations aren’t sure where to start in addressing their particular roadblocks.

Join Chris Willsher, Director of Data Platforms at Communitech, to explore the challenges in the data innovation journey. Chris will be introducing the Data Innovation Canvas, a new tool that can help you unlock more value from your data. You’ll understand how it can help break down the complex concept of data innovation into more manageable pieces. This can help surface specific challenges to address, which can enhance your ability to leverage your data assets effectively.

This proactive approach can improve your ability to move projects forward and drive greater results for your organization.

Learning outcomes: Understand common roadblocks in the data innovation journey. Learn about a new tool to help companies proactively identify their specific challenges. Formulate a plan for addressing data challenges to generate better outcomes.