Canadians are concerned about their privacy, and they should be! We live in a digital world where personal information can be collected, used and shared with ease. Customers are choosing companies that are sensitive to those concerns and can demonstrate that they’ll be careful with user data. In Privacy 101, we’ll provide an overview of the ground rules for collecting, using and sharing personal information under Canadian federal privacy law, the role of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and current issues in privacy. 

Topics covered:

  • Why is privacy important?
  • Privacy law in Canada
  • The role of the OPC Current issues

Speaker: Laura Crestohl is a Senior Advisor/Manager in the Business Advisory Directorate of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC), where she helps advise private sector organizations on compliance with federal private sector privacy law. Before coming to the OPC, Laura was a Senior Health Policy Advisor with the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. Laura received her law degree from McGill University and also has degrees in communications and media studies. Thanks to our partners: Thanks to AVIN, ENCQOR and NGNP for making this Data Hub Session possible.